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Bay Ridge News:

Adirondack Ballon Festival  The Annual Balloon Festival will soon be upon us! What does that mean? Family fun, early mornings, and more distractions - balloons will be flying and we are all very tempted to admire them. If you are driving, please make sure to focus on the road, or pull over for a moment. You'll get a better view if you're sitting still, anyway!
 KeepWarmKeepSafe  We've got a taste of the cold weather already. Oil is being ordered, gas refilled, lumber is delivered, and soon the heaters and fireplaces will be roaring. It's easy to lose track of that blanket that fell off the couch when it was 80 degrees - Before you turn up the heat, make sure that your fabrics, furniture, and other belongings are clear of the source. If you are using space heaters, be sure to keep it on a level ground, in the open, away from all furniture, and unplugged when not in use.
 School Bus Safety School is now in session! Please take extra care when driving in the morning and afternoons, and keep an eye out for school buses.




Calls To Date

2017: 412
September: 17
August: 44
July: 41